Ordinary people can achieve
extraordinary things.

Hi, I’m Lorna. I’m a Marketing Manager at a very cool company. I squeeze training in around my awesome job and 3 fabulous kids. I’m not gifted, I lack time and I don’t do things by the book.

If I can do Ironman, you can too.

Ironman World Championship 2022, Kona, Hawaii

Its 4:30am and I’m walking on deep soft carpet laid on the pier at Kona Hawaii. Its the Ironman World Championship 2022, back after 3 years in its birthplace, and I, an ordinary athlete, am racing. The air is warm and humid, there’s a low buzz from the crowd. I periodically gulp for breath, blink…

Kona Qualified – The Ultimate Ironman Dream

Today I received the ultimate dream come true. The holy grail of triathlon. A chance to compete in the Ironman World Championships in its birthplace, Kona Hawaii. Yesterday I came 7th in age group at Ironman UK, Bolton. It is this placing combined with a large dose of luck, that has become my ticket to…

Never Give Up – Ironman World Champs

Yesterday I competed in the Ironman World Championships, St George Utah, which, bar grief, is hands down the most difficult thing I have ever done in my entire life! A 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride then a full 26.2 mile marathon. Challenging alone, but this was at 90oC heat, riding…

Ironman Dreams Come True – World Champs Qualification

On Friday 25th February 2022 I sat at my kitchen Island, steaming coffee in hand, suitcase and washing strewn all around as I re-acclimatized from a ski trip in the beautiful mountains of Georgia. I scrolled absentmindedly through my email when my eye caught on a message from Ironman. A message marking the biggest peak…


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